Filmout Xpress specializes in high quality video to film transfers from virtually any source, including NTSC, PAL, DV, DigiBeta, Beta SP, 480P and HiDef. We also offer digital to film recording from sequences of digital image files and QuickTime movies.

In addition to our filmout services, we offer pre-production and post-production consulting to the digital filmmaking community, movie title design, special effects production, and a "natural film look" for video only projects.

Whether you are in the market for tape to film transfers, DV to film, or any other type of digital to film or digital to digital services, Filmout Xpress has the experience and the products you need.


Filmout Xpress was one of the first companies to successfully transfer DV to film in Hollywood. In fact, we were one of the first long-form DV to film transfer facilities in the world. The advent of low cost DV cameras and high-quality DV to film transfers opened up a new avenue of affordable film production to both low-budget independent filmmakers and high-end studio directors.

Four years ago when we launched Filmout Xpress, tape to film transfers were typically low quality and very expensive. Our goal was to offer high quality tape to film transfers at an affordable price. Today Filmout Xpress is a leader in the field of tape to film transfers, and we are known for high-quality, affordable prices, and unparalleled customer service.

Filmout Xpress also caters to other aspects of digital filmmaking. From pre and post-production consultation, to movie title design, special effects, and film recording, we strive to make digital filmmaking a satisfying experience for all of our customers and associates. Digital filmmaking offers new tools along with new challenges, and we are available at every stage to help digital filmmakers avoid the pitfalls.

Filmout Xpress offers digital to film recording from many formats, including sequences of digital image files, QuickTime movies, DV, DigiBeta, HiDef, and virtually any digital image format. Digital to film recording has become an essential tool for digital artists and filmmakers who need to present their creations to theatrical audiences. In addition to digital to film recording, Filmout Xpress also offers film recording from all analog video formats as well.

Our video to film transfers are among the highest rated in the industry. We provide filmmakers with high quality video to film transfers at an affordable price. Many of our video to film transfers have won major awards at prestigious film festivals around the world.

Giving video a "filmic look" can enhance the aesthetic impact of a project. However, most "film look" treatments actually degrade image quality in order to achieve the illusion of film. Filmout Xpress offers a "natural film look" derived from the same de-interlacing and motion-conversion algorithms we use in our tape-to-film transfers. Since our process is non-destructive to image quality, our "film look" imitates the high quality of film more accurately.

Movie title design is another specialty we offer at Filmout Xpress. Being a subsidiary of Lumeni Productions, we are able to tap into the same creative and technical staff that has created titles for many of HollywoodÕs major motion pictures over the past 23 years. Great movie title design helps to invite an audience into a motion picture experience, and LumeniÕs movie title design expertise can help to make your project a great success.

When digital filmmakers think about film transfers for their projects, we hope they will consider Filmout Xpress. Filmout Xpress has a great deal of experience with film transfers of all types, including PAL, NTSC, DV, BetaSP, DigiBeta, HiDef, and most digital image file formats. We offer high quality film transfers at affordable prices and provide an unparalleled level of customer service.